About Us:

Our History

OpenDoor Housing Fund was created in 2007 through the merger of two regional, established loan funds – the Washington Area Housing Trust Fund (WAHTF, formed in 2002) and the Unitarian Universalist Affordable Housing Corporation (UUAHC, formed in 1989).

While the separate organizations were effective, the leadership recognized that their lending impact would be significantly greater as a combined entity. WAHTF and UUAHC had partnered in the past, and their missions and loan products were similar, making the merger an obvious and natural fit. It enabled the two organizations to leverage their strengths, streamline operations, and have greater influence in the regional lending market than the sum of their individual efforts.

Both organizations brought a history of strong support from local, state, and federal governments, banks, and faith-based investors. Capital from these sources continues today. With $17 million in lending capital and growing, OpenDoor has successfully deployed its existing capital throughout the region and is actively raising additional funds to meet the demands of the local affordable housing development market.

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