“Bank of America has been an enthusiastic investor in this hometown loan fund with its unparalleled market knowledge and connections.”

William Couper, President Mid-Atlantic
Bank of America

It's a mutual relationship: just as businesses support and strengthen communities, so too do strong communities strengthen businesses by providing safe and stable places for workers and their families to live. Institutional investors are in good company with top banks, businesses, and mission-oriented loan funds. An investment in OpenDoor provides an opportunity for institutions to positively impact communities while maintaining the integrity of their investment. OpenDoor has never failed to pay back an individual or institutional investor. For fund managers and organizational leaders who are committed to socially responsible investing, OpenDoor is a solid addition to a diversified investment portfolio.

Institutional Investor Listing:

Financial Institution Investors
Bank of America

Socially Responsible Loan Funds
Calvert Foundation            
Opportunity Finance Network

Government Investors
District of Columbia
State of Maryland


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